In order to retain and strengthen the manufacturing industry, the Government of Flanders is investing heavily in the transition to industry 4.0. This integrated approach is developing along five lines of action.

  1. The creation of a central platform enables better consultation between the government, the business federations and the research institutions.
  2. A strong knowledge base is important for conducting targeted research into new, advanced concepts.
  3. Stimulating the use of new technologies and concepts is the essence of the action plan. We do this, for example, with industry 4.0 living labs. In 2018 and 2019, 17 living labs were set up, representing an overall budget of 8 million euro.

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  4. We are also making every effort to improve the environmental factors, particularly in the area of the central themes of work and training.
  5. We allow companies to benefit from international programmes by encouraging and facilitating crossborder cooperation.

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